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Car Audio Cable Wiring Kit – 17FT 8 Gauge.

Complete 8 gauge amp installation wire kit, it has everything that you need and help you make connections easy.

It is a complete Amplifier Hookup for Battery, Head Unit & Stereo Speaker Installation Sound System.

Technical Data

- Complete 8-gauge amp installation wire kit
- 17 FT Twisted RCA cable
- 17 FT 8 AWG CCA ultra flex blue power wire
- 3 FT 8 AWG CCA ultra flex black ground wire
- 17 FT 18 AWG blue remote turn-on wire 
- 20 FT 16 AWG blue speaker wire
- 1 AFS fuse holder with 60 AMP fuse 
- 4 Nickel plated 8 AWG seamed ring terminals
- Hardware included

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