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CM-3.6X10B | Tie Wraps 3.6mmX10''

CM-3.6X10B | Tie Wraps 3.6mmX10''

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Tie Wraps 3.6mmX6 Inches.
Our Tie Wraps is a strongest nylon cable tie on the market

- Automotive
- Industrial
- Telecomunications
- Transportation
- Manufacturing
- Farming
- Engineering
- Best for Indoor and Outdoor uses

- Durable, reusable, adjustable, releasable, UV resistant, self-locking, secure connection, faster installation speed, high tensile strength, prevent freezing, precise locking teeth, cold and heart resistant.

Technical Data

- Color Black
- Supported Pressure: 30 lb
- Pack: 100 unit
- Thickness in 10 inch= 0.048 in (1.2mm)
- Width in 10 inch= 0.13 in (3.3mm)

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