Comando is a car audio brand under the umbrella of MDC GROUP, a company established in 1992. We currently have over 200 employees, and our brand is proudly born in the Dominican Republic. We take pride in where we come from. Some brands will give you the fake news and claim they bought a brand in Italy that never existed. Others will make up stories and tell you that they manufacture somewhere they never have. We rather skip those marketing tricks, and win your business with Comando’s product performance.

Facts are important, and one fact is that Comando was one of the early adopter of the pro audio for car era. In the mid 90’s, when we first approached factories with pro audio speaker design projects for car audio, this idea was not a popular one. Fast forward 20+ years and most audio brands in the USA are carrying pro audio products intended for car audio.

Being a brand born in the Dominican is an asset; we like to say Dominicans squeeze the juice out of their loudspeakers. If a product makes it in the D.R., it is battle tested.

We enjoy designing products that bring solutions for the die-hard audio enthusiast.

We live by one simple mantra:

“Probando es que se sabe” = “Testing is how you know”

This philosophy begins at the production point. Our partner factories are not necessarily the largest, but they are the best. We proudly manufacture in Asia, with factories that partner with us on developing products that are to our specs and build. These products will deliver excellent performance at a competitive price point. Comando's products strive to deliver designs that offer the best results, not only in the lab, but also in the heat of your trunk. To be clear, we don’t invest in fluff, we invest in performance. We cater to audiophiles that care to compare.

Our devoted clients are those who have a passion to see which product has the:

• Higher SPL

• Higher power handling

We love those who leave aside brand blindness, and put products to the test. These are usually the clients that have a testing bench in the corner of their shop, the ones who will skip the sales pitch from the salesman, and see for themselves, pound for pound, which product is the best product in the shop.

If this describes you:

• Never convinced that the best is the most expensive product on the shelf

• Never convinced that the best is the most famous brand on the shelf

Then we have some Comando products we would love for you to put to the test.