CX-2007H | 1'' 600W MAX. | 8Ω

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The Horn Tweeter CX-2007H is valued for its excellent performance, reliability and power handling with its 500 watts max power as a replacement and upgrade for many speakers. The CX-2007H is a lightweight controller, yet it offers a power response across 40 kHz.

Technical Data

- Continuous Peak Program Power: 300 Watts
- Intermittent Peak Power: 600 Watts
- Efficiency: 200dB/2.83V at 1M with 8 ohms (load)
- Impedance: <100 ohms/4.0Khz frequency
- Response: 4.000HZ-40.000Hz
- Size: 188mm(H)x90mm(W)x120mm(D)

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